Do You Trust Leadership You Work For and With?

Can you trust leadership in the businesses you work for?  Can you trust the businesses you work with?

Trust in the marketplace always points back to the trustworthiness of those that lead them.  Look at the patterns that are emerging below.

Trust Leadership

The above report published by Edelman in their recent Trust Barometer paper represents their latest findings for the first half of 2017.  At the most basic of levels, you can see that people want to work with salespeople who are most like themselves.  Those who are most likely to tell them, “no,” or “you can’t do that,” are the least likely to be trusted.

This points to the value of relationships and connecting with those who are in front of us.

TNT Leadership Goals

At TNT, our leadership is thoughtful and engaged in the world outside of their hours working at TNT.  To combat the sentiment tracked above, it seems appropriate to share with everyone what leadership at TNT does to “lead.”

Dan Whitt - Sales Manager

Dan Whitt runs the sales side of TNT.  Dan is also an ordained minister and has rooted a ministry in East Africa, where he and his wife visit every few years.  Dan leads church services and weekly home fellowships and has recently had a radio call in program where he answers questions that others have about faith.  Dan is trusted by his congregation with matters much graver than any difficulties associated with IT Services.  Not trusting Dan is the same as not trusting your pastor.

Mike Wilson - Project Manager

Mike Wilson runs the engineering side of TNT.  Mike has 6 children and when asked, he thinks that he and his wife are not yet done having children.  Mike leads engineering projects during the day, recently finished a Masters in Information security, and handles a van full of children each evening and weekend, shuttling them around between events and activities.  The role of father and husband are serious matters to Mike.   Some of us cringe at the thought of 6 children and a full-time job.  Mike thrives under those conditions.  He has recently bought a 15 passenger van to accommodate their family and the anticipated needs.

Jessica Diehl - Marketing Director

Jessica Diehl does marketing, making sure that what people see about TNT matches what TNT actually does.  In addition to performing all marketing efforts for TNT, Jessica is an active member of The Union County Chamber of Commerce.  An avid supporter of local businesses, she serves as an ambassador, volunteering to help new Chamber members get acclimated to the Chamber, as well as serving at Chamber events and Luncheons. Jessica is also co-chair of the Young Professionals of the Chamber, helping to plan and execute professional networking events for young professionals.

Jeff Gaura - President

Jeff Gaura is the president of the company.  As is documented elsewhere, Jeff is a scoutmaster in a local scout troop, responsible for High Adventure Programming.  He has led boys and other adults to Central Canada, New Mexico and, in 2018, to remote Alaska.  He is a TeamUSA athlete and travels, speaking about the tribulations and joys of representing our country on the International stage.  Jeff’s heart is in Nepal, where he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer and has helped raise money and build 5 schools in the Dang Valley near the Himalayas.  Jeff enjoys talking to Nepali folks about Jesus.

As you can see, the drive to be engaged outside of the working world of TNT runs deep in our leadership, and throughout the company as well.  In the future, we’ll have more blogs that will help you get to know our Engineers and Sales team better.

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