Windows Server

Servers are misnamed, leading one to believe they are like restaurant employees.  Modern servers deliver applications with great speed, for increasing numbers of users, at an ever decreasing price.  Imagine a restaurant that only needed one waiter for 500 tables, with wait times of less than a second.

Windows Server is in the middle of great change. The product footprint has decreased for customers who want only a minimal version to perform specific tasks, and it has also increased, for customers who want expanded features that allow them to spend less time administering the network and more time supporting the business.

The Network Team's offering with Windows includes helpful creation of a roadmap to help you connect your business ideas and the Microsoft-based server tools to help you achieve it.  Better customer satisfaction, more employee friendly ways to both entered and extracting information and reliability than allows your operations to keep up, even when events beyond your control start to impact your ability to grow.

TNT Account Executives and engineers help you select the version of Windows that is right for you and help you create meaningful budgets to determine what investment you would need to make to achieve your goals. TNT engineers can help you see the differences between the versions of Windows in the market to make sure you buy enough computing power to meet your objectives but not buy more than you need.

TNT engineers can help you with migrations from older versions of Windows Server to a modern, supported version, or they can help you start "from scratch" with new servers that are either at your location or in the Azure cloud.


The Network Team