Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft has rewritten the future of Windows with the Azure cloud.  It's the advent of a way to use Windows how you want to, without ever buying any hardware.

TNT treats Azure projects like any other project, with nearly identical requirements. TNT creates a design, implements the design, migrates the information to Azure and provides on-going support for the life of the solution. Unlike premise based solutions that have limitations and uncertainties associated with a hardware lifecycle, Azure solutions run on infrastructures supported by more people and more automation than even the largest of IT departments.

All cloud decisions include a conversation about security and availability. For example, concerns about what might happen if the Internet goes down for an extended period, or if all of Azure gets hacked can be events that affect your decision making process. Although TNT can’t predict the future direction of Internet related security events, we can predict that Microsoft will do more and spend more to prevent a catastrophic event than any mid-size business or local government can afford to do. We will help you ask and get the answers you need with regards to how the cloud fits with your business.

For some businesses, the cloud is good enough, as it is, today, to run all of their business apps. Most businesses, though, use a hybrid model, with some business functionality in the cloud and some in their offices. We look forward to conversation with you on which model is the best fit for you.

Cloud based servers and applications are priced based on usage, not on “just being there” like traditional equipment is priced. If you need a server and a web interface but only use it occasionally, pricing is very low. Heavily used applications and databases cost more to operate in the cloud, as they require more of the 4 cloud resources: CPU, memory, bandwidth and disk space. The metric to calculate the cost of a server is always unique, based on load and current market pricing for the 4 cloud resources.

Contact us for a free consultation with our highly certified engineers to determine which cloud model is best for you to begin learning more about.

The Network Team