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Citrix is a market leader for cloud, networking, and server virtualization technologies.

On the back of The Network Team business cards is the phrase, "Work is something you do, not a place you go."  This is possible through Citrix virtualization solutions.

Server Virtualization and Desktop Virtualization:

Server virtualization represents one of the easiest return on investment decisions a company can make, as hard dollar savings in both reduced power and cooling costs are easy to calculate and compare to solution costs. Virtualization can also significantly increase users’ productivity by improving access to applications, reducing downtime, and the need for daily administration.

Desktop virtualization brings the desktop back into the data center, where it is protected and managed without the need to learn advanced scripting and to allocate for massive desktop refreshes every few years. Savings in reduced hardware can be enormous when measured over the course of several years, and IT offerings and support can be more consistent as the desktop experience travels with the user, not the laptop. With desktop virtualization, the damaged device no longer creates a long queue of tasks to get the user operational, as any user can use any device, at any time, to access their desktop. Desktops, laptops, slates, iPads and thin clients all share the same experience for the end user. New application deployments or upgrades become predictable. Application speed is no longer constrained by old hardware or software on the endpoint device. Just give the user an endpoint and a fast network connection, and they are able to work.

TNT designs, implements, and engineers virtualized environments from Microsoft and Citrix. TNT also provides training and support after the implementation for the life of the installation.

Virtualization Reduces Costs
Learn more about how you can save money with Virtualization by downloading the whitepaper:
"The Rising Value–and Falling Cost–of App and Desktop Virtualization"

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