Network Security

The Network Team staff members are trained and experienced in network security and deploying leading edge devices made by Cisco to address remote access and intrusion detection and prevention.  In many instances, a small, premised based solution is complete.

In our Network Security practice, we recommend addressing the pink elephant in the room of the security conversation.

  1. Apathy is the greatest issue.  People don't care about protecting their data diligently until they have felt the pain of its loss.
  2. The focus remains on old school security.  Decision makers still think it is a bigger deal to lose the keys to the front door of the building than it is to lose customer credit card information.
  3. Security cameras don't stop criminals but only empower those seeking to know who they are.

Addressing these issues trump any conversation associated with technology innovations to prevent crimes from happening.

TNT recommends a 5 step approach to security

  1. Use modern operating systems and applications that provide you with manufacturer support.  Don't your use unwillingness to change from an old version that works prevent you from addressing security concerns
  2. Patch your operating systems, with no apologies.  Schedule them.  Mandate them.  And, if there is a hiccup now and then, understand that it is part of the process of protecting your assets.  Equate it to getting a flu shot.
  3. Have an anti-virus strategy and is consistent on your endpoint devices.  There cant' be any one-time exceptions.
  4. Have procedures to manage identity.  Username/PW combinations aren't what is meant here.  Use gestures, facial recognition, two-factor authentication, etc.  These technologies are cost effective now and meant for the masses, not just the big boys.
  5. Monitor your logs on your devices so you are the first one to find out that an attack is happening.  You don't have time for this, and you should use an appliance that has a service that does this for you.

Items 1-4 can be addressed by spending time with our engineers who can help you assess where your shortcomings are and help you create a plan to address them.  TNT sells professional service hours in the form of pre-paid blocks of time for these types of engagements to check your network security.

Network Security The Network Team

The last item on the list requires a monthly commitment to keep you safe, similar to a security guard working at a gate at a secure compound.  TNT offers Log Management services that collect and normalize event log files. They contain powerful drill-down analysis and reporting capabilities. This includes a daily log review service provides expert guidance and recommendations. Pricing is based on a one-time setup fee for the appliance and a monthly fee for the real-time monitoring.  Please contact us to schedule a demonstration or a 30-day try-and-buy solution.

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