Ransomware Attacks growing

Ransomware attacks are hitting countries across the world again, just weeks after TNT posted about the ransomware attack known as WannaCry on our website.

Ransomware Attacks on the rise

While camping recently with a friend who is a police officer in Charlotte, we discussed stolen vehicles.  My friend shared that when he gets a call to investigate a stolen car, nearly all the time, his first level investigations reveal that the owner of the car either was not in possession of his keys or he didn’t lock the vehicle.  The monologue goes something like this.

“Officer, I just went in the store for a minute to buy a cup of coffee.  It was so cold outside that I figured I could just leave the car running for 90 seconds without worrying about anything.”  Then, there is no car.

Or, this story happens.  “Look, I just went right into the school to pick up my son like I always do.  I have done this 100 times before with no worries.  Now, my car is gone.”

In each instance, the driver assumed that the protection required was minimal, since they had not yet experienced the loss.  However, once the loss occurs, they reel; especially when they come clean with their failure to do their part to prevent the theft.

My officer friend thinks the fix is easy.  As soon as insurance stops paying for claims for lost vehicles, the word will spread that if you don’t lock the car, it is your fault, with no exceptions allowed.

What makes the response to ransomware so fascinating is the ongoing failure to take the threat very seriously.  The FBI is not successful at either capturing or stopping the perpetrators from future attacks, and the number of businesses and people who get hurt continues to rise.  That said, you would think people would “get with the program” and address security using a recommended multi-tier approach that includes education, security hardware and software and company policy to prevent it from hitting them.

TNT can help.  President Jeff Gaura personally teaches classes to employees who use computers to help them understand the threat.  He shares strategies to help protect them and their employers from these attacks.  TNT sells both products and services in the form of monthly subscriptions to keep your business safe from this ever-changing threat.

Do you think you are safe?  Most car drivers do.

As a good first step, have your security checked.  We have a one-time fee associated with a network security test and penetration test.  It is inexpensive and auditors as well as business owners love “knowing” what their actual status is without having to rely on some IT person’s opinion.

Learn more about the growing threat of ransomware by clicking on the image below.


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