New Option for Secure Cloud Deployment

TNT has been tackling the question, “what is the best way to manage and maintain users and their applications when there is limited time and money to train them?”

For those customers who intuitively understood that information stored on a devices that traveled is unsafe, we have marketed, installed and maintained multiply flavors of Citrix Products.  Citrix, as a company, has grown to being more than middleware (software that acts as a bridge between an operating system or database and applications, especially on a network).  However, their middleware solution still represents their flagship offering.  With the ever increasing incidents of cyber crime and cyberattacks, Citrix represents the safest alternative to keeping both users and company assets safe from harm.

Citrix’s mainstream offerings, XenApp and Xendesktop, have been expensive both to install and keep licensed.  Good news!  Citrix now has a secure cloud offering, driven by a relatively easy to use web interface that takes a job that used to take days to perform into a single day event.  Licensing is no longer perpetual, in that you don’t buy it and keep it.  Instead, you pay a subscription fee and Citrix keeps all the background information and administrative programs up to date and safe, for you.

Best of all, it runs in Azure, meaning it is easy to integrate with Office 365, One Drive and any cloud storage platform that you are using.

TNT engineers were recently trained by a Citrix engineer, in a one-on-one experience, how to use and deploy to base cloud applications. They are ready to talk to you about helping you upgrade.

A secure cloud deployment is worth more than Gold these days.  Citrix, combined with a fully managed security offering, represents a turn key solution that will keep auditors and compliance officers happy, at all times.

Ta da!


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