Network Assessment Services

You get an inspection and assessment before you buy a home. You should employ the same due diligence when expanding your network or sorting out why it isn’t performing the way you expect it to.

The most extensive network assessments on the market

Network assessment charlotte ncMost network assessments analyze either the network infrastructure or the server/storage infrastructure. Our offering includes both of these services.  In addition to traditional networking equipment (switches, routers, wireless, cabling, et. al) we also do deep dives into configuration of Microsoft networking, Active Directory and Server/Storage setup.  Often, IT and leadership aren’t aware of what is on their network or how it is configured.

How it works

TNT offers fee based network assessments concurrently performed by two different senior engineers.  While one engineer examines the physical network infrastructure, the other engineer runs a tool on the network to discover Microsoft configurations. These typically take 1-2 days per engineer to complete.  During their onsite efforts, it is normal for them to point out obvious issues and problems.  However, nearly half of their work happens after they leave when they analyze their findings and create a document that includes for findings and recommendations for change.  The document is then delivered in electronic format the results and recommendations are covered either via a WebEx/phone call or a face to face visit.

Typical findings include residues of devices and applications long since retired, users and security policies not in line with business goals, unnecessary objects in Active Directory, Opened and unused network ports, end of support hardware and support and plan old stupid configuration mistakes that create unnecessary risks.

What to expect:

Most network assessments can be started within two weeks of completing our online inquiry.  You will be contacted by an account executive to facilitate the process and introduce you to the engineers performing the work and send you both a quote and a professional services agreement.  After agreeing to our written terms, you will be introduced to our projects manager, responsible for scheduling and introduction of the engineers performing the work.   Both during and after the network assessment, you will have direct access to the engineers who performed the assessment.  You will never need to call an 800 number, help desk service or sales person to speak with an engineer-they all will give you direct email and voice access to them.

The network infrastructure component of our assessments are done by a CCIE, Cisco’s highest professional career certification.  Our Microsoft analysis and audit is completed by a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, who has a combination of training, certifications and experience is real world environments.

Our deliverable report is color coded, with Items in red indicative of critical misconfigurations that need immediate attention.  Yellow items indicate an area of concern that does not currently jeopardize the health or security of the network.  Green items indicate no immediate action is required.

What is next:

Network assessments are paid engagements.  In the event the customer wishes to perform the tasks internally or hire another party to perform them, TNT invoices the customer for the cost of the network assessment.  However, if a customer chooses to engage TNT to remediate the findings of the network assessment and provide ongoing managed services to create a long term remedy, then there is no fee for the assessment.

TNT is capable of giving a 1000+ page document or a simple two-page summary of our findings based on our audience.  We create deliverables that both executives and IT personnel find valuable.

TNT is fully insured and bonded. Certificates of insurance are available upon request.

The Network Team