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“You rock. Your session made 3 hours feel like 5 minutes. You took a problem and turned it into solutions without blinking an eye. I have been teaching for over 30 years and you are at the top of the class. It is rare that I find someone of your technical skills with a talent for teaching and a brilliant business mind.”

~ Noelle DeAtley Creative Thinking Group

Jeff Gaura is a dynamic and engaging speaker with a passion to educate and empower others professionally, personally or even athletically.

His nearly 10 years of teaching in public schools have led him to develop a conversational and engaging presentation style that easily pivots to best suit the audience.

Jeff’s diverse personal and professional life includes living the Himalaya for two years, starting two companies, and earning a spot on the US National Team.

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Speaking Topics

Technology Trends

After a career in public education, Jeff saw the growing possibilities in technology. In 1998, he started an IT firm focused on using innovative networking technology to solve business problems. As IT underwent unprecedented, exponential changes in the decades since, Jeff pivoted his business to meet the growing demands of IT. Chief among these changes is the definition of what ‘secure’ means.

Through The Network Team, Jeff addresses the growth in scope and sophistication of cybercrime with a team of networking, cloud, and security experts. Jeff has been featured on WBTV educating on cybersecurity issues.

As president of a company in a dynamic industry, Jeff knows the importance of predicting the impact of future change. To that end, he enjoys facilitating discussions on topics such as the ethical and philosophical effects of living and working in an online world.

Topic Themes: Cybersecurity, hacking, cultural implications of IT, converting IT from a capital expense to an operational expense

Thought Leadership

Jeff has built two successful companies from the ground up.  He runs a thriving ministry that builds schools in Nepal, and has competed in 6 World Championships in the sport of Duathlon.  His wealth of professional, cultural, and athletic experiences allow Jeff to challenge the status quo.  A forward thinker, Jeff has been tapped to explain cryptocurrency on WBTV News. He has also helped explain the consequences of net neutrality for businesses.

Jeff understands the discipline, sacrifice, and challenges of setting and fulfilling goals.  He has used his experiences to motivate a local Young Professionals Group in finishing what they start.

Jeff's approach to business ownership is far from mainstream.  The tagline of "Work is a thing you do, not a place you go" could just as easily be Jeff's personal mantra.  His employees all work remotely, allowing for flexibility of workstyles.  Jeff also incorporates nutritional and health encouragements into his management philosophy, believing the healthier the person, the better employee they will make.

Topic Themes: Setting and accomplishing goals, creating a workplace of excellence, it's never too late to try again, or give yourself a do over. 

Team USA

Jeff is a member of Team USA in the sport of Duathlon, a race comprised of a two running portions and a biking portion.  Jeff has competed in 6 World Championships, with a World Ranking as high as 10th.  As part of the build up to World Events, Jeff embraced the impact of nutrition and its inseparable impact on athletic performance. At age 52, Jeff can still run a sub-3 hour marathon.

Jeff’s success as an athlete is particularly striking considering he only started training and competing in 2013.  Jeff was a natural athlete as a child. However, his parents’ fears over potential injuries caused them to keep him out of sports throughout his childhood.  Because of that, Jeff didn’t know just how much athletic ability he had until he started bicycling for fun at the age of 47.  Within several months, he had qualified for Nationals, and earned a spot on the Team USA, allowing him to wear the Olympic rings on his uniform. His training has changed his entire life, and that of his family; particularly in the areas of nutrition and time management.


Topic Themes: Taking ordinary to extraordinary, nutrition and faith, discipline and hard work—and the latency between effort and results, overcoming family mistakes

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