How Your Computer Network is like a Dishwasher

Every house is full of items that you expect to “just work.”  The roof should not leak.  If it doesn’t leak, you don’t celebrate that, you expect it.

Same goes for the hot water heater, the light switch and the ceiling fan.  Perhaps we should express gratitude, but we don’t.

The dishwasher, when it works, is no different.  That said, every few/several years, the dishwasher breaks.  The most common response to its failure is to replace it. When it is down and doesn’t work anymore, you are upset, as the flow of kitchen processes is broken.  No more rinsing and stacking in the dishwasher after the meal.  When the dishwasher is down and there isn’t a replacement dishwasher or dishwasher repair on the horizon, you hand wash the dishes.

You never get used to it.  You look forward to having a new one.

When the dishwasher worked, you ignored it.  You didn’t spend any money and probably no time, either, maintaining it.  The only time you spend money on it is when it doesn’t work.

Your Computer Network is Similar

We conclude that businesses treat their computer network the same way that they treat their dishwasher.  They spend money, albeit reluctantly, when it is first installed, then they spend near nothing at all keeping it secure and up to date.  Only when it breaks and is unusable do business leaders respond to maintenance and security issues seriously.  In the meantime, users who make the money for the business yearn for the days when the technology works the way it used to work.

Normally, when something mission critical fails to perform, people ask, “what can we do to prevent that from happening again?”  The answer is a consistent, “we need to take care of it before it breaks, to reduce the risk.”

No one challenges this thinking.  Today’s response of asking an already overloaded IT department to “stay on top” of computer network issues results in more of the same, with perhaps the addition of some monitoring tools that claim to keep you informed.

No one has the time to review those tools.  Heck, they don’t even have time to finish the projects that are top of mind to everyone in the company, let alone the maintenance tasks that may or may not make a difference.

TNT’s Fully Managed Network means just that.  We “fully” manage it.

We provide equipment at no cost to you.

We put the equipment in, again, with no cost to you.

We do all the updates, moves and changes as part of our monthly fee.

We keep your network secure with patches on the firewall, network switches and access points, sending you only monthly reports of our findings.

We don’t want you to treat your network like a dishwasher.  We want you to have a predictable race car, where we do the oil changes, tire rotations and the like.  Use our stuff to go fast and let us worry about the rest.

Learn more about TNT's Fully Managed Networks here.

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