Discaster Recovery Preparations for all Businesses

As Hurricane Florence moves through the Carolinas, it’s a good reminder to businesses everywhere of the need to be prepared in case of possible disasters that could hit your workplace.

There are several basic things every business can and should to help with disaster recovery and in order to ensure you are ready and able to support your customers.

  • Since the Charlotte area is expecting flooding from the storm, businesses with any computer equipment located in basements or ground floors should move that equipment off the floor, if possible.
  • Check recent backups on all production machines, and ensure recent backups were sent successfully to the cloud (or other DR site) for each production machine.
  • Post timely updates to the company website (or whatever tool your business uses to inform employees) as the extent and impact of the storm unfolds.  Make sure to include updates for employees on resource availability, recovery status, etc.
  • Post timely updates to your external website and social media channels alerting customers and partners about storm preparations— along with frequent post-storm updates that allows visitor to track the progress of any necessary recovery. This should include clearly stated policy regarding order turnaround times, invoice processing, scheduled service visits, and other activities likely to be affected by the storm.

Learn more about how you can ensure your business is prepared for any disaster by downloading the eBook “Natural Disaster Survival Guide for Businesses: A Quick Reference for Business Leaders” here.

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