Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Increasing Companies’ Security Threat Risk

There’s a decent chance your IT team is woefully lacking in the skills needed to protect your organization from the growing cyber security threats.  New research reveals organizations are understaffed with employees lacking in skills to protect networks.

According to new research

  • 54% of organizations surveyed do not have cyber security skill levels appropriate for organizations of their size
  • 57% of organizations surveyed do not have enough security operations for organizations of their size.

This cyber threat skills shortage directly affects an organizations ability to detect, prevent, and respond to security incidents.

The professionals surveyed highlighted these particular weaknesses stemming from the skills and staffing shortages.

  1. Hunting for Security Threats IT: Staffers are often too busy responding to incidents to be proactively looking for security threats. And if they do have the time to look for threats, many have not taken the time to grow the advanced skills necessary to spot the increasingly sophisticated attacks.
  2. Prioritizing Security Alerts: The increasing number of tools that can alert security professionals about incidents has created a lot of noise. Many IT staffers don’t have the skills to assess and prioritize the growing number of alerts.
  3. Securing the Root Cause of the Incident: Security team members often respond to security events by putting out the obvious fires. Again, because of a shortage of staffers, and increasing demands, the security team can forget to take the vital step of discovering the cause of the incident, and working to prevent it from happening again.
  4. Thoroughly Tracking Security Incidents: Many organizations lack documented processes to track security incidents from discover, to investigation to remediation.

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