Case Study – Network Connectivity Improved for Retail and Manufacturer

With corporate headquarters located in a small town in NC, our customer had little ability to control the reliability of the network connectivity.  When the Internet when down, all their dealers, retail locations, and customers lost communications.  When HQ went down, all locations went down.

Our customer made the business decision to move key applications to the cloud.  Email moved from on-premise based Microsoft Exchange to Office 365.  Backups and disaster recovery migrated to an onsite appliance that provided multiple levels of redundancy with data and applications that were required to run the business during outage times.

TNT helped the customer move their file services from a traditional file server to Sharepoint online.

With the help of an application specific consultant, our customer moved their primary business applications to Azure (Microsoft's cloud).

Concurrent with all these changes, it was deemed a business requirement to make sure that all users in the HQ location also have continuous access to the Azure cloud.  TNT designed and implemented a Meraki cloud-based network infrastructure.  TNT replaced an aging HPE and Adtran switching fabric with all Meraki switches.

TNT also deployed cloud-based endpoint protection from Webroot on all endpoints, freeing up the IT administrator to help users with application issues and not day to day security concerns.  Connectivity improved, as well as customer satisfaction based on the technological improvements.

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