Case Study – Modern Network for International Manufacturing Subsidiary

When TNT first met this customer, all the technology they used was premised based.  Email, Business Apps, servers, and support were all operating in their North Carolina location.  TNT assisted our customer by implementing several premised-based projects to increase reliability and availability.

At that time, their servers and storage were aging and needed to be replaced.  TNT worked with HPE to create a full stack of servers, optimized for virtualization.  TNT migrated this customer to an all Microsoft Virtualization solution, using Hyper-V as the hypervisor and Windows Server 2012 R2 or 2016 for all server operating systems.

3PAR Storage

TNT helped them reduce their server footprint and energy usage by putting in a 3PAR storage system and several Proliant server hosts.  TNT oversaw the migration of all servers to the new design.  Neither customers nor employees experienced data outages during the migration.

Concurrent with this upgrade were upgrades to the network firewall, switching and wireless infrastructure using both Cisco and Meraki technology.  The use of Meraki created a cloud based management profile to allow both TNT and customer designates to remotely perform moves, adds and changes to the network, keeping both the users and their devices safe and secure, at all times.

Under our guidance, the customer began migrating services to the Azure cloud.  The first migration was to move email and file services to Office 365.  TNT engineers were able to move nearly all users, their data and their settings to the cloud over a long weekend.  In addition, TNT moved some of the server technology and websites to the Azure cloud, removing the need for hardware resources and maintenance tasks.

For disaster recovery and business continuity, TNT implemented an onsite backup appliance that synchronized all virtual machines and corresponding data both to the appliance and to a cloud location.  Regardless of cause, if the NC location is unexpectedly compromised, users and customers will continue to have access to their data and applications in real time.

Lastly, TNT deployed webroot for client security using cloud based signatures.  Users no longer need to be concerned about applying updates to their endpoints nor have the burden of a client with a large install footprint.

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The Network Team