Case Study – Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"We partnered with The Network Team to overhaul our network infrastructure at our main campus. It was a decision we have not once regretted." – Cliff Singletary, IT Manager Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is a four-campus seminary with just over 2000 students. The professors at the seminary were the driving force for a recent network infrastructure upgrade. They wanted to modernize how they taught class, including having other students call in or having classes across multiple campuses.

When The Network Team initially approached Cliff Singletary, the IT Manager, he mentioned the wireless network as a possible pain point and potential upgrade. However, when TNT engineers looked deeper, they discovered that it was the wired network that was the culprit and was to blame for the pain the users at Gordon-Conwell were experiencing. Additionally, even if Gordon-Conwell’s wireless network was upgraded, the outdated wired network would not be able to suitably support it.

"We wanted our network to be something we did not think about, opening opportunities that were not available beforehand," said Singletary.

Gordon-Conwell does not have a large IT staff, and therefore needed a system that does not require a lot of management and administration. The Network Team recommended a Cisco network with 6800 Instant Access infrastructure. With the 6800 Instant Access infrastructure, the primary configuration takes place at the core of the network, meaning administrators don’t have to touch all the individual access switches when configuring or updating.

Singletary notes that once the new network infrastructure upgrade was implemented, network speed and access increased and the IT department has been able to support new initiatives. "Since implementing the Cisco solution for our entire network, we are no longer concerned with our infrastructure holding us back. We are not limited in the possibilities we can pursue."

We are now working with Gordon-Conwell on moving entire systems to the cloud. According to Singletary, it’s a necessity. "In today’s rapidly changing technology landscape, the ability to be agile and quickly adapt is essential to not only excelling, but in surviving. This type of agility presupposes a rock-solid infrastructure, and Cisco has been the cornerstone of that solution for us."

The Network Team