Case Study – Deregulated Gas and Electricity Management Company

TNT worked with  a deregulated gas and electricity management company based in Charlotte, NC.  Recently, a decision was made to relocate to a new building north of Charlotte.  This company hired The Network Team to design and install a new infrastructure for the relocation. The company has a current customer base of 200,000 after less than two years of operation, and expects to hit 500,000 customers by the end of 2013.  Growth rates like this required a redesign of their original networking technologies, and TNT is helping them.

The Network Team designed, installed and now maintains a Cisco infrastructure for the company’s new location using Cisco Routing, Wireless Access Points, Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA), and Wireless Controllers.  TNT also has virtualized the server network with HP servers and storage, as well as Microsoft's Hyper-V as the hyper-visor of choice.

Bob Blake, the Chief Operating Officer, comes from a strong background in deregulated energy management.  Bob recommended the company implement Cisco’s 3750 switches at the core for layer 3 routing.  Cisco 2500 series controllers were used for wireless management, and all of the infrastructure uses Cisco Prime for single pane of glass management.

TNT is also implementing a digital signage management tool so that both in house video feeds and real-time call center information can be displayed on the screens for the customer service representatives. After consulting the client, TNT has recommended an All-Cisco voice solution for the customer.  TNT has recommended redundant Cisco Unified Call Managers (CUCM) and an Cisco Unified Contact Center call center solution.  This will give the customer service representatives and managers the best and quickest insights as to how to best handle their customers' needs.

The Network Team