Uber Hack Highlights Growing Cyber Security Risks

Another day, another major hack discovered that affected millions of people. Uber was hacked in 2016, exposing personal information from 57 million people, and the company did not reveal the hack until November 2017. The hackers got names, email addresses and phone numbers of Uber users.  Hackers also got driver's license numbers for 600,000 of those Read More

Netflix Phishing Scam Underscores Ransomware Risk

Phishing Scam
A phishing scam that’s been around for months is hitting the news again.  Hackers targeted nearly 110 million Netflix subscribers in the sophisticated scam that’s bypassing a lot of SPAM filters. Users receive an email indicating their account has been suspended due to a billing error. They are directed to a fake Netflix landing page. Read More

TNT Cloud Migration: Cost Savings and Challenges

Cloud Migration
No story convinces like a personal one.  As president of The Network Team, I knew that my leadership was contingent on practicing what I preach and what I ask our team to preach.  Here is our story of our cloud migration.  Since the story isn’t done, it represents a great, real time dialog and I Read More

Cyber Security and the Trust Issues You May Already Have

Cyber Security
We are a civilization built on trust.  We MUST trust, to survive.  That trust is intrinsically being challenged.  Here are three examples of under-the-radar sorts of trust that we build on. We trust the directions we get at a gas station. We trust that our sports teams will one day succeed. Even if they don’t Read More

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