Why The Cloud is Your Best Employee

Many of the big-name technology vendors claim businesses of all sizes are hyper interested in cloud technologies.  As president of a forward-thinking technology company, I tend to agree.  That said, I am wrong often enough that justifies asking the question, “is this true or just my perception?”  Specifically, am I looking at the world through Read More

Charlotte Ranks as One of the Top 10 Worst Airports for Wifi Security

airport Wifi Security
According to a new report from security firm Coronet, Charlotte Douglas International Airport is one of the top 10 airports where your phone is most likely to be hacked. The Airport Wifi Security report looked at data from more than 250,000 devices at the 45 busiest airports in the US.  Researchers analyzed the vulnerabilities in Read More

How The US is Lagging Behind Europe in Telecommunications and Technology

On a recent trip to Europe, TNT president Jeff Gaura had two startling revelations about just how far behind the US is in terms of telecommunications and technology compared to the rest of the world. Upon arrival in Copenhagen, Denmark, facial recognition software helped expedite customs and border patrol.  The act of ID verification as Read More

The Cybersecurity Attack Vector That’s Always On

cybersecurity attack
Before I quote any 3rd party to convince you of my position, let’s start with some questions.  Answer from your point of view, assuming you have a mobile phone and at least 1 computer. Which one travels the most and is on the greatest number of networks? Which one has security software installed on it Read More

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