Enhancing Business Outcomes Through IT

enhancing business outcomes
The Network Team recently hired Jeanne Pritt with People Outcomes to help us formulate a strategic plan for the company over the next three years.   As part of our planning, we came up with a new Mission/Vision statement, which is: “TNT exists to be the technology champion for our customers by enhancing business outcomes through Read More

Mike Wilson promoted to Strategic Engagement Manager

The Network Team (TNT) has promoted Project Manager Mike Wilson to the position of Strategic Engagement Manager.  In his new role, Mike will build and maintain excellent customer relationships by leading the Sales and Engineering teams.  Current Sales Manager Dan Whitt is moving into an Account Executive role so he can spend more time with Read More

How Your Computer Network is like a Dishwasher

computer network
Every house is full of items that you expect to “just work.”  The roof should not leak.  If it doesn’t leak, you don’t celebrate that, you expect it. Same goes for the hot water heater, the light switch and the ceiling fan.  Perhaps we should express gratitude, but we don’t. The dishwasher, when it works, Read More

7 Technology Predictions for 2018

Technology Predictions for 2018
This blog is misnamed.  Instead of '7 Technology Predictions for 2018,' it should really be “what are the technology trends between now and the end of the 2nd decade of the 20th century. As I view the last third of the decade, I see that there are political drivers outside that will impact our IT Read More

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