Tips for Creating a Strong Password

Strong Password
We’ve all been told repeatedly about the dangers of weak passwords and using the same passwords for multiple sites.  But, truth time, how many of us actually do anything about it? As we use more and more tools online, the number of passwords we must remember keeps increasing.  The thought of creating increasingly complex passwords Read More

4 Steps to Reduce Network Issues

Reduce Network Issues
People generally think that they are taking care of their stuff.   We box it, shelf it, use it, save the owner’s manual, and put it in a place so we know where it is at, if we need it. The networks that we run our businesses on are no different than our weed eaters or Read More

Discaster Recovery Preparations for all Businesses

Disaster Recovery
As Hurricane Florence moves through the Carolinas, it’s a good reminder to businesses everywhere of the need to be prepared in case of possible disasters that could hit your workplace. There are several basic things every business can and should to help with disaster recovery and in order to ensure you are ready and able Read More

What is a Modern Hacker?

Modern Hacker
If you hear the term ‘hacker’ and this is what you picture: Your definition is as outdated as many business’s cybersecurity. Hacking has evolved far beyond the teen in his basement image from movies and popular culture. It’s no longer one guy furiously typing with multiple monitors flashing numbers and letters.  It’s just not that Read More

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