The Cybersecurity Attack Vector That’s Always On

cybersecurity attack
Before I quote any 3rd party to convince you of my position, let’s start with some questions.  Answer from your point of view, assuming you have a mobile phone and at least 1 computer. Which one travels the most and is on the greatest number of networks? Which one has security software installed on it Read More

Cybersecurity Takes a Village

Cybersecurity takes a village
You have heard the phrase, “it takes a village” with reference to raising a child.  With cybersecurity now impacting all lines of business productivity, customer trust, and financial well-being, we can now make the claim that IT cybersecurity takes the village to maintain and support. Imagine a world where your front line people are getting Read More

Why a Phone Company Merger Will Mean Cybersecurity Concerns for Your Office

Cybersecurity Concerns
When Sprint announced it merger with T-Mobile, the primary message given to the press was the following: Lower Prices Better coverage Fast creation of a 5G network Most people can understand the first two and see only good things.  However, the 5G deployment coming at a faster pace will impact everyone’s network, whether you use Read More

American Businesses in Denial about Data Breaches

Data Breach
Human nature mandates certain outcomes.  High on that list is when you break someone’s trust, it takes time to get that trust back.  If you lie to your friend, sleep around on your wife/husband or steal from your boss, once you confess your sin, it takes time to get back into good graces with those Read More

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