7 Technology Predictions for 2018

Technology Predictions for 2018
This blog is misnamed.  Instead of '7 Technology Predictions for 2018,' it should really be “what are the technology trends between now and the end of the 2nd decade of the 20th century. As I view the last third of the decade, I see that there are political drivers outside that will impact our IT Read More

5G Coverage Could Soon Revolutionize the Internet

5G Coverage
A change in telecom is coming of the sort we have never seen, related to 5G coverage. Let’s do the history game, first.  “Home Phone” used to mean Land Lines attached to a predictable device that could be used to send and receive phone calls, even if the power was out.  The use of the Read More

Technology Shifts in 2018 at TNT and Beyond

Technology Shift
Over the last year, TNT has seen a shift in technology spending comparable to nothing that we have experienced.  The shift towards putting both data and computing power in the cloud is unprecedented.  Previously, the only “killer apps” that existed in the cloud for small and mid-sized businesses were online banking and perhaps payroll.  Now, Read More

What is Bitcoin, and the Business Implications of it?

What is Bitcoin
Bitcoin has been around for years, but it has exploded in importance, and value, in the last few months.  Why care? Too many people don’t understand the big picture, and it is worth a response that removes the hype that is connecting Bitcoin with cybercrime and currency speculation.  Let’s look at what is, why it Read More

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