SSL Certificates

As part of operating your business with technology, we all need to make sure that the information sent on the public highway is unusable by anyone who attempts to steal a copy of it.  As such, SSL encryption technology is a requirement.

SSL is sold as a “certificate” service, like a board certification that an accountant or dentist might get.  They require renewals, from time to time, just like any other certificate.

TNT has created a customized portal for you to go to in order to purchase or renew your SSL certificates.  It gives our engineers access to them to help you with the process.  Lastly, it lets you pay for them with your credit card, minimizing the need to create PO, invoices and chase down checks.

If you have any questions with the process, please feel free to engage our technical team ( or reach out to your Account representative.  It will require that you use your logon and password with for this process.  Again, our engineers can help you if you don’t have access to that information.

SSL Certificates



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