Network Security Testing

When was the last time you confirmed that your network and your assets are protected?

Does your ownership ask for pen testing?  Do they send you documents with no explanation that often include requests for 3rd party auditing of current security?  If yes, keep reading.

Network Security Testing

Cyber-crime is on the rise, increasing the need for network security testing. Are your assets protected?  If someone gets your customer data, what does that mean to you and your business?  And if no one has told you yet, your lawyer bills might be a bit overwhelming...especially once they hit 6 digits.

The Network Team offers cost effective network security testing that doesn't require purchasing software or sitting through design and implementation meetings.

If you think about it, the Internet is the wild, wild west, with information, cat videos, and yes even viruses and cyber attacks flying around infinitely.  When you set up the network at your business, you put up a gate-keeper to ensure only the data you want to allow in can get to your network.  Think of that like the doors to your house. You put on good, sturdy locks, and only open the door for those people you know.

Each night before we go to bed, most of us check to make sure our doors are locked, right?  But how often do you check every window of your house to ensure they are secure?

TNT’s Network Security Testing service checks your doors, and windows, and even the dryer vent hole and more.

Testing Details

  • The initial test is $1995. This fee includes all aspects of testing, reporting, project management and a yearly follow up to revisit your network security.
  • We finish testing in 1-2 days.

What You Get:

  • An easy to understand red light/yellow light/green light report indicating where your vulnerabilities are.
  • We provide phone and email support for you as you address any findings that are concerning.
  • Retests are $395 for 30 days after the first test is completed. We only retest issues found, and do not perform a full retest.
  • Our reports can be delivered either to compliance officers, auditors or third parties who can use them to validate the ongoing security concerns and policy for your company.


Don't assume you are protected.  Contact The Network Team today to know for sure.

The Network Team