Network Devices Care: Network Monitoring

Don't let a network "Bargain" end up costing you

Devices such as access points, firewalls, switches, and routers usually just work.  Power them on, and they stay operational for years.

Or do they?  Yes, they may work, but they may not be safe nor secure.  In addition, when they break, users attached to them are often unable to access the network for days, or if a Plan B exists to get them back on the network, they are doing so in an unsafe manner.

TNT Network Device Management

TNT’s network device management service removes those concerns.  Our services are fixed price, making them easy to budget.  They also give you a piece of mind that if things don’t work as expected, there is a plan in place to regain functionality that doesn’t include a lot of downtime or compromised security.

TNT recommends this service for any customer who has no inventory of spare parts or has security concerns.  That definition includes nearly all small business.

How It Works

Upon initial setup of this service, TNT documents the devices on your network that you want coverage for and keeps an up to date copy of that information in our data cloud, so that in the event of catastrophic loss, we have all the information that an insurance company will need to fulfill a claim request.  Too often, companies fail to have the information requested by an insurance company, and after the catastrophe, there is no way to retrieve it, and claims can and will go unpaid.

TNT installs technologies that allows us to monitor the operational status of all devices, and we generate monthly reports on downtime and logs of outages, to be proactive with our maintenance and support.

We routinely apply patches to devices after hours, to ensure that any known vulnerabilities are addressed in a timely manner.  These updates keep your manufacturer’s latest fixes and upgrades on your devices as they come out.

If your networked device fails, TNT will provide you with replacement equipment, usually same day, as well as work with the manufacturer to ensure that your warranties are honored and fulfilled in a timely manner.  TNT has an inventory of items that commonly fail that can be quickly configured to keep your users working without compromising integrity.

We waive out setup fees in exchange for a multi-year agreements.

You insure the most important parts of your business.

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The Network Team