Mobile Devices Management

Mobile devices management starts with a premise that modern businesses have lost control of the tools in use in their business and they need assistance getting control back. Mobile Device Management addresses the need of businesses whose users access company data and applications from devices that the IT department neither knows about or is able to securely maintain. In many businesses, there is more turn over in cell phones and smart phones than there is with employees, and businesses need help controlling these mobile devices, no matter which one an employees selects and uses. As of 2014, there were more mobile devices accessing corporate networks than desktop devices. In 2016, there are nearly 3 mobile devices used by each employee in an organization.

Mobile devices management allows administration of all tablet computers, mobile phones and desktop computers from a single interface. Mobile device allows control of the configuration and setup of the device, allowing administrators to enforce policies on devices brought in from home as well as those purchased at local electronics retailers.

TNT uses cloud technology to implement restrictions on devices for technologies like:

  • Email and email client configuration management.
  • Camera and picture usage
  • Social media tools
  • Ability to install or uninstall apps
  • Online purchasing via iTunes, Google Play or Windows Store
  • Control backup and file management
  • Filter web content
  • Device locator services, in the event that the device was lost and remained powered on in some public space
  • Remotely erase/reprogram devices when reported as lost or missing.

TNT charges a one-time setup fee to setup your management interface and then charges a fixed monthly fee, per device, to maintain MDM on your behalf.

Mobile device management is great to help a travelling sale force, warehouse workers who move around during the day and management who like to work from home or on the road using a device not currently support by IT (for example, iPads or Tablet PCs with larger screens).

Any company that relies on workers to have cell phones with company email on them needs mobile device management.

Mobile device management costs less per month than the extended service plans offered by telecom carriers, and it provides a greater value in keeping users secure, up to date and online.

Demonstration of MDM technology are available upon request.

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The Network Team