Cloud Servers and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing using cloud servers starts with a basic question. Do you really need a server, or do you need the power and computing power of a server?

The Network Team knows that many companies need to keep critical information in house, for retrieval and usage, regardless of what is going on in the Internet/World. However, the list of companies for which this applies continues to shrink. Cloud servers keep you focused on your business and keep you out of the business of maintaining big heavy boxes with flashing lights.

TNT will move your servers to Windows Azure.  Setup fees are waived for agreeing to a contract term.  By moving to the cloud, the following issues go away

  • Server room cooling
  • Server power bills
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Operating system updates
  • Security management

Your users still get access to what they need, via the Microsoft Cloud (link here to the youtube video about the Microsoft Cloud), and it will "just work."  All you need is a secure Internet connection.

TNT assists with the design, implementation and support of cloud server technology. TNT has expertise with the Microsoft Azure cloud deploying any of the following technologies:

  • Virtual Machines
  • SQL Databases
  • Websites
  • Media Streaming
  • Active Directory
  • Backup destinations/Disaster Recovery

Cloud servers best address changing business conditions.  If you need more server power, you just "get" it with a few clicks. Cloud server pricing is based on actual usage, not on a fixed quoted amount, so if you have a month or quarter of reduced usage, then you get a reduced invoiced. If you use a lot of server power during a specific season, you can use cloud servers to meet your needs for that time, then we can turn them down or even turn them off, for use only when needed. Seasonal industries like greenhouses, sports management, agriculture and others have long since learned that cloud servers keep their overall costs down and allows them to focus on their business.

Cloud Servers can be deployed in minutes, once TNT engineers have setup a secure connection to the Azure cloud from your place of business.

Cloud Servers keep you from capital spend on equipment that you may not fully use. Cloud servers prevent spikes in overall IT spend, as there are never any big boxes showing up at your company's place of business. Cloud servers keep your fixed asset management tasks small and your office free of big boxes that require special cooling, power requirements and tender loving care delivered by the greatest of nerds.

To price cloud servers, a TNT engineer will engage you over a brief 10 minute phone call to learn of your requirements. TNT will deliver a quote for initial setup of the cloud environment and an anticipated monthly fee for the cloud computing power you need.

Contact us to schedule some time with either our president or one of our engineers.


The Network Team