Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Backup EssentialsBackup Premium
✓ File Recovery: Up to 2 hours✓ File Recovery: Up to 2 hours
✓ Server Recovery: Up to 2 days✓ Server Recovery: Typically 1 hour
✓ Multi-Server Recovery: Up to a week✓ Multi-Server Recovery: Typically 1 hour
✓ Appliance Ownership: TNT✓ Appliance Ownership: Customer
✓ Setup Time: 1 Day✓ Setup Time: 1 Day
✓ Monthly Cost: Low✓ Monthly Cost: Medium
✓ Contract Term: 1 Year✓ Contract Term: 1 Year

Most organizations that lose data are out of business in 3 months.  Nearly all IT related disasters can be avoided by having a backup strategy that includes disaster recovery planning and business continuity.

Business continuity answers the questions, "how will we operate if our data and applications are damaged or destroyed?"  and, "How will we return to normal?

  • A Backup system is required when you need to retrieve historical information and are unable to get to it.  
  • Disaster Recovery Planning is the ability to operate systems and access old information that was working normally prior to the disaster.  In a disaster recovery scenario, there is downtime between when the disaster occurs and systems and data are made available.
  • Business Continuity planning allows continuous operating during and after the disaster, without any noticeable interruption.  
  • TNT will help you select which option is most appropriate for your business and budget, then help you implement it.  Ongoing costs are based on the size of the data set being protected, with one-time setup fees commensurate with the size and type of appliance and cloud connection necessary to help you meet your goals.


Managed Backup


Backup Essentials

Backup Essentials maintains a copy of your data and configurations on a TNT provided appliance at your location.  The contents of the appliance are updated daily from information you save on your current servers.  In the event your servers become inaccessible, TNT can restore the data from the appliance.  In the event the entire facility is lost (fire, flood, etc.), TNT can restore your data to a new server, as all the data on our appliance is replicated to our private cloud.

Pricing is based on a one-time setup fee and a monthly recurring charge for services.  TNT’s Terms and Conditions as defined in our professional services agreement apply.

Backup Premium

Backup Premium provides all the services that backup essentials does.  However, it adds additional critical capabilities.  In the event of a server failure, your onsite appliance can take over that server’s role in less than an hour.  In the event of a catastrophic event that destroys the server and associated equipment, TNT makes a brief change to our private cloud and all the servers continue to operate, in real time, from the cloud.  This operation can be done in as quickly as an hour, and there is no loss of data.

Pricing is based on a one-time setup fee, the cost of the appliance and a monthly recurring charge for services.  TNT’s Terms and Conditions as defined in our professional services agreement apply.

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