Be Your IT

Rethink your IT Strategy

In the past, there was a fax machine in every office, the company paid for 100% of health insurance, and flip phones were a lot of fun.  Today, these are seldom seen and even less used relics of the past. Could a typical in-house IT department fall into that category as well? For many businesses, while the department itself may not be obsolete, the way your organization utilizes it could be holding you back.

Enhance your business outcomes by outsourcing
IT efforts.

Comprehensive and Reliable Managed IT Services

TNT views IT departments in the same light as outdated tools like flip phones, pagers, and even fax machines.  As cloud offerings migrate deeper into daily business operations, the need to have dedicated people to maintain email servers and fix printer problems are artifacts of the past.

In addition, IT departments all seem to have these points in common:

  • Expensive
  • Inconsistent in their response time and service levels
  • Resistant to change, especially when they are neither knowledgeable nor have access to quality training
  • Lack accountability with regards to security and process management. Often, it is the IT staff themselves that audit their own work.
  • Lack a process to keep all technology safe and up to date

TNT’s managed IT service offering was built with the intention of offering fixed rate IT services to companies who want their tools and systems to be up to date without compromising network security and stability.

Why Hire The Network Team to Be Your IT?


Our offerings are comprehensive.  We have expertise across technologies, manufacturers, and products. TNT Engineers consult with you to keep your business and IT functions pointed in the same direction of growing your business.

Quick Response

TNT responds quickly to technology issues.  We offer IT services during your business hours, when you need support and assistance.  TNT’s average response time for a network outage is 10 minutes.

Predictable Pricing

Pricing for support services is predictable.  Our Managed Services are charged as a per user/per month model, excluding a one-time setup fee.  The fixed, monthly pricing allows for easier budgeting and planning.

Consistent Support

Your users finally get a consistent support experience.  TNT Engineers are highly certified, and we offer up to 4 tiers of support, allow users to solve their own problems or engage us when they need no.

Managed IT Services

The Network Team