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Comprehensive and Reliable Managed IT Services

Having a full-service IT department can be expensive, even if it only consists of one person. Consistent, up to date, and high quality IT training is vital to the security and technical support of your business. IT personnel require on-going training and when not given opportunities for training, they often resist change, even when presented with security and support concerns from the manufacturer directly. TNT’s managed IT service offering was built with the intention of offering fixed rate IT services to companies who want their tools and systems to be up to date without compromising network security and stability.

We give you the choice of an a-la-carte menu of services that you can provide to your employees. Pricing is predictable and is always calculated and presented as a per month or per year fee, excluding a one-time setup fee.

The fundamental expectation is that the care of the devices and needs of your employees leaves the IT department and moves to a 4 tier support infrastructure that employees can access at any time, on any device, in any location. Unlike your current in-house offering, your users get a more consistent support experience, and you get a predictable bill.

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