American Businesses in Denial about Data Breaches

Human nature mandates certain outcomes.  High on that list is when you break someone’s trust, it takes time to get that trust back.  If you lie to your friend, sleep around on your wife/husband or steal from your boss, once you confess your sin, it takes time to get back into good graces with those whom you are close to.

American business is in deep denial on this point.  There is a fundamental belief that an apology and a commitment to do better is enough.

I got a notice from my health care provider that my security information was stolen in a data breach on Jan 10th of this year.  They apologized for the event and told us that they were taking measures to prevent it from happening again.  They shared that the local police contacted THEM to inform them of the data breach, and that it was not initially detected by internal measures.

I received their letter in early May.

When we teach our children how to handle life’s mistakes, we tell them to confess their crimes and accept the consequences.  My healthcare provider chose not to confess, yet they asked for immediate forgiveness.  They seem not to know that this is not how humans interact.  Imagine telling your wife you cheated on her and expecting to sleep in the same bed, the same night.

Loss of Trust

As we talk with businesses who have secure information and suggest that the leaking out of that information would result in a loss of trust, they often go into a state of denial on two fronts.  Their phraseology looks like one of the two of these:

  • This won’t happen to me. We are a small business, and no one targets small businesses.
  • We don’t have anything that is worth stealing, and even it is stolen, it doesn’t affect us.

They fail to see that their customers may, in fact, consider their sloppy practices offensive and begin to wonder what else is sloppy within the organization.

Be smart with information security.  Don’t be like my health care organization.  I won’t forgive you in real time.

The best idea is to do your best to prevent this event from happening in the first place.

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