Founded in 2009, The Network Team exists to be the technology champion for our customers by enhancing business outcomes through IT.  TNT is an IT consulting firm that offers two distinct ways to procure and use IT tools. We have a staff of highly trained and certified engineers who can work alongside your current IT staff to do projects that align with your needs and our skills.

In contrast, TNT can also offer Managed IT services in lieu of hiring a part-time or full-time IT staffer. We can handle all aspects of day to day operation using a combination of Network Operation Centers, on-call engineers and customer facing tools that your employees can use to get help, on any device, in any location, during your business hours.

Managed IT Services and Outsourced IT allow financial leadership to consistently experience predictable IT bills for all-you-can-eat services for your employees. This migration away from a time-and-materials model is attractive to business owners and financiers who look to keep costs down and predictable.





TNT Core Beliefs

  1. Work is a thing you do, not a place you go. TNT chose to be a virtual company, and all employees adopt a belief that work is a thing that we do and not a place that we go. As such, we are the most capable partner that you can find who can demonstrate how Unified Communications and Collaboration can advance your business towards its goals, and how beneficial Managed IT services can be.

  2. Our customer’s primary focus should be on their business. Uncertainty and unplanned downtime can damage a business and ruin employee sentiment. You need to know that your network, often the backbone of your company, is reliable, secure, and up-to-date. TNT’s Managed IT Services hands off the task of supporting your day-to-day technology hassles and headaches off to our call center and our engineers. Combined, these resources keep your systems in an operational and reliable state. Our 24/7 monitoring and management services allow us to proactively handle issues before they become business disrupters.

  3. We Practice what we preach. TNT selects the technologies and manufacturers that we represent through a process of internally deploying the technology and evaluating it before recommending them. As such, we have a "practice what we preach" mentality to all of our solutions. We have invested greatly in our relationships with Cisco, Microsoft, HPE, and Citrix, using these tools daily to do our job. Do not hesitate to ask us to demonstrate to you what we recommend! TNT uses the cloud for as many technologies as is reasonable, running our core ERP system, collaboration system and communications platforms from a cloud. TNT was an early adopter of the cloud and can share with you first-hand how the cloud can make your business more productive as well as more secure than the traditional on premise based solution.

  4. We seek to understand your business before we speak. You know your business best. TNT wants to thoroughly understand your pain points and needs before suggesting a change in approach. We design solutions based on the unique needs of each enterprise we serve, not what our manufacturers push, or what is the flavor of the month. TNT creates solutions that integrate multiple manufactures and multiple technologies with no fear of integration issues. We are confident our multi-vendor solution will work.

  5. We are always learning so we can empower our customers. TNT engineers are highly certified. We have a wide breadth of industry certifications from manufacturers both in data and voice technologies. We have multiple generations of hardware and software certifications including:

    • Cisco Certified Network Associate
    • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
    • Cisco Certified Network Professional
    • Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey
    • Certified Meraki Networking Associate
    • Microsoft Certified Professional
    • Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect
    • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
    • Microsoft Certified IT Professional
    • Microsoft Certified Trainer
    • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
    • HPE Certified Sales Professional
    • HPE Certified Storage Solutions Architect
    • Citrix Certified Sales Professional
    • Citrix Certified Administrator
    • Datto Technical Specialist 1 & 2

    Contact The Network Team to discuss a network assessment. It allows you to see where the holes are in your network. Then, sit down with an IT Consultant to discover how Managed IT services can give you network reliability and cost predictability, allowing you to maintain your primary focus of serving your customers and growing your business.

The Network Team