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Integrated Technology: Your Mechanic May Become an IT Expert

Posted on: December 16th, 2016 by Jessica Diehl No Comments

If you watch any TV at all (and I do during football season!), you probably are seeing a pattern within the automotive industry.  Manufacturers are attempting to differentiate themselves by showcasing the integrated technology integrated in their products.

We hear phrases and marketese that sounds like this:

  • built in Wi-Fi
  • smartphone aware cars
  • stickers on the vehicle highlighting the amount of on board storage (measured in Gigabytes)

With recent stories making the news about a phenomena called “car hacking” both the real world, in addition to the social world and the Hollywood world are making light that it is now possible to “hack” into a car, as there is now electronic information and integrated technology on board that is user based and not just device based.

These new features have formally been labelled as a cybersecurity risk as well as a public safety issue.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently took action to explore vehicle cybersecurity issues.  On October 28, 2016, NHTSA released a Request for Comment on its Cybersecurity Best Practices for Modern Vehicles report.

Cars are a high dollar item that are already part of a regulated industry.  They are charting the world of cyber regulation with no one to lead them.  Certainly, some deeper Internet of Things (iOT) issues will trickle from this study.

Will cars need Anti-virus?

What does a firewall in a car now mean?

How do we train the current servicing industry at car dealerships to review system logs for hacking attempts?

Will data that is encrypted in storage in a car be subject to the same export/import restrictions as other “software?”

Imagine this conversation.

“Hello, sir, I am calling to give you an update as to what we did on your car at the last scheduled maintenance.   We changed the oil and upgraded your AV to the latest version.  We changed both the cabin air filter and the engine oil filter, and we reset the logs on your firewall’s filters.  We added power steering fluid and updated the firmware in your power train sensors to the latest version.  You will need to come for upgrades again at 50,000 miles or sign this waiver given us access to perform the upgrades remotely.”

This is happening…it isn’t futuristic.

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TNT Celebrates Gratefulness and Employees at Christmas Party

Posted on: December 8th, 2016 by Jessica Diehl No Comments

The Network Team celebrated our Christmas party December 7th.  Employees enjoy the annual gathering, as it gives a chance for us, who all work remotely, to come together and fellowship as well as enjoy each other's company as well as the wonderful hospitality of TNT owner Linda Gaura.  The party always includes a time for employees and managers to share what we are grateful for. This year, we expressed gratitude for spouses, the 'community' feel of the company, and our willingness to serve each other.

In a tough fought battle this year, TNT Salesman of the Year was awarded to Tim Sullivan.  Tim has been with the company since its inception. He focuses on the Charlotte, Hickory and NC mountains areas.

Project Manager Mike Wilson handed out special awards to the Engineers as well this year.

Dylan Clifford has been promoted to Senior Network Engineer, and awarded the Mountain Mover award.  Dylan has been with TNT since 2013 and is known for his strong work ethic, immense networking knowledge, and willingness to 'tell it like it is.'

Joey Grissom received the Dedicated servant award. Customers know Joey is dependable, loyal, and hard-working.  Joey joined TNT in 2014, and continues to grow his skills each year.  He, too has stepped up in major ways this year to improve the engineering functions of TNT.

Vitaly Greben was awarded the "Consider It Done" award.  As Mike likes to say, he only has to mention a task to V, and he can 'consider it done.'  V has been with TNT since its inception, and has worked with Jeff Gaura in Networking for more than a decade.

Courtney Jessamy, who joined the team just a few short months ago, earned the "Rookie of the Year" award.  In her short time with TNT, she has impressed managers, co-workers and clients alike with her


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Networking Security Lessons Learned from a Planned Walmart Heist

Posted on: December 1st, 2016 by Jessica Diehl No Comments

The Department of Homeland Security says Cyber crime is the biggest threat to the American Economy.  Networking Security can help keep your network safe.

A burglar alarm on your building tells you in real time if and when someone is trying to break into your business.  And a security officer can help stop the attack while it's happening, before the thief gets away.  But burglary and theft are not the biggest threats to your business.

The Department of Homeland Security claims the greatest threat to the American economy is not the theft of money and property, but cyber crime.   It is attackers with no face, name or even traceable citizenship attacking our digital assets. They take our customer information, employee confidential info, and trade secrets and convert the commodities in a market that we don’t know anything about. We never get to see a face, and we get little to no help from law enforcement in finding and prosecuting them. They attack daily, and we don’t even know they are there on most days.

In this video, TNT president Jeff Gaura explains what networking security you need to protect your data using the example of a planned Walmart Heist.

Find the holes in your network, and engage The Network Team to help close them.  Contact us today to learn more.


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