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When Restarting Doesn’t Work, IT Services to the Rescue

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The IT Crowd’s humorous portrayal of calling your company’s IT Department when an issue creeps up is unfortunately oftentimes all too accurate.  At a previous job, where there were no Managed IT services, it was so common to hear that response, that I started each call to IT saying, “Hello, I am having trouble with my computer, and yes, I have already turned it off and on again, AND blew in it (1990’s Nintendo joke).”

There is frustration on both sides of those phone calls. For the IT department, there really are often problems that a simple reboot can fix.  End-users are becoming more tech-savvy, so they can get frustrated when they feel they are being patronized.

But who can blame either of them?  Most small and mid-size businesses don’t have nearly enough tech support services.  You end up with one (or 2-3 if you’re lucky) employees who are putting out fires so much of their time that they are only able to be reactionary.  They have no time to train end-users how to avoid common problems, nor do they have time to focus on what the root causes of recurring issues are.  And they certainly don’t have time to focus on high level planning on how to use technology to grow your business.

Managed IT Services can help with this, and many more challenges facing small and medium businesses.


Tech Support Services from The Network Team provide:

Extra coverage

The limited staff small and medium businesses can afford means there are many holes that just don’t get filled.  Managed IT Services can fill those gaps with an entire team of trained, expert engineers who are backed by powerhouse staff of leading edge companies like Microsoft, Cisco, and HP.

Trained help is a click away with 24 hour end-user remote managed support.  Your employees can chat with a trained expert who can resolve routine, recurring issues in minutes.  Plus, end-users are educated during the support, since they are engaged the entire time. This can help them learn what to do, or what not to do to avoid the issue in the future.

Proactive maintenance

Network support services can stop issues before they become a problem with proactive maintenance.  These tech support services can cover mundane, time-sucking tasks like implementing patch updates, deploying service pack updates, and updating anti-virus and anti-malware.  With 24x7x365 service delivery, these can be done anytime, without any productivity loss for your employees, or the IT department.

Access to emerging technology

Finally, most small and medium businesses can’t afford access to new and emerging technology.  But with the world-class partnerships TNT has made, you can get enterprise-grade solutions without paying enterprise prices.

How can The Network Team help you advance your business through IT consulting?  Contact us for a free 2 hour network assessment to find out.

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7 Questions to ask before performing an Office 365 Migration

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by: Jessica Diehl
Marketing Director

The benefits to migrating to Office 365 are numerous and profitable.  TNT has written about how Office 365 can improve productivity and help your business excel in a ‘better, faster’ generation. But even the best support system can only work best if it’s installed well.  If your company is planning on moving to Office 365, there are seven important questions you need to know the answers to first.

1.  How well do you know your email environment?

For most organizations, email is the lifeblood of your communication.  Therefore, you need to ensure the transition of Exchange goes as smoothly as possible.  Take the time to gather all the information about your distribution groups, public folders and calendar permissions.  You have to know what you currently have so you know what to configure for migration.

2.  Does your IT Department have the expertise and time to complete the migration successfully?

You will need to understand more than Outlook in order to complete a successful migration.  Do you know how all of your employees are using email?  On what devices are they accessing their email?  With the proliferation of BYOD, they may have a myriad of devices. Do you know how to configure Exchange on each of their phones and/or tablets?

 3.  Do you know your external DNS requirements?

Many of these may change after migration.  Does your IT department know how to touch all the external pieces of the Internet that point to your Exchange Server? And do they understand certificates enough to guarantee a secure environment?

 4.  Do you have enough bandwidth to avoid a slow migration?

You may already have made sure you have enough bandwidth to migrate to Office 365 in the cloud.  But you also need to have enough internal bandwidth to move folders if that is needed.  There are PowerShell commands you can use to determine the size of all your mailboxes.  It is a best practice to use this tool to determine the size of your migration. Once you know this, and your internal bandwidth, you will know how long the migration will take.

 5.  Do you user teams know the migration is coming, and are they aware of what is involved?

Before performing an Office 365 migration, important points you want to cover include what will happen and when, as well as what changes end-users can expect to see.  It is also a good idea to let them know what’s expected of them. Finally, clearly communicate to them how they should report any issues that arise (Such as if they are not receiving email, or if email is delayed, etc.) with the migration to Office 365.

6.  What migration method will you use?

You have the option of utilizing a Cutover Migration, where all the data is migrated in a single transfer.  You could also choose a Staged Migration, where you move mailboxes in small segments.  TNT often recommends a Hybrid migration. This is where you keep the Exchange Server on-prem and use it to help manage Office 365.  Otherwise, you will have to manage Office 365 through a more complicated interface.

 7.  How will you maintain the system long-term?

Again, you need to determine if your IT department has the expertise and time to manage the system.  Focusing on the maintenance of Office 365 keeps your IT department from focusing on the more important business imperatives that make money.  A Managed Service plan takes those routine tasks off your IT department’s plate.  The Network Team has bundled several services together to ensure proactive maintenance and support, and the most efficient running of your Office 365 environment.

The Network Team can help guide you through these questions and ensure a smooth process of migrating to Office 365.  Contact our Expert Engineers, who can perform a free 2 hour network assessment to begin answering these questions.

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TNT Looking for IT Sales Executive in Charlotte, NC Area

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by: Jessica Diehl
Marketing Director

“We are growing and going, do you want to join us?” So says The Network Team president Jeff Gaura.

TNT is currently searching for an IT Sales Executive/IT Consultant.  So, why would you want to work for TNT?  This video gives you a peak at what we're looking for in an Account Executive.

Unique, flexible working experience

The Network Team is a unique working experience. Our slogan is “Work is a thing you do, not a place you go.” We practice what we preach, with no central work office.  Nearly all of our employees work from home, in locations spread out across North Carolina and California.

This allows for extremely flexible work styles. While there are obviously certain tasks that are time sensitive and regulated by more typical business hours, there are also lots of opportunities for what TNT president Jeff Gaura calls working moments.  If your child has a soccer game after school you want to attend, you can choose to go to the game, and finish your work for the day after.

TNT is designed to foster productive personal work styles. You will not be micro-managed,

Work-life Balance

Work-life balance is important. As journalist Anna Quindlen says, “You cannot be really first-rate at your work if your work is all you are.” Jeff leads by example, competing as a world class athlete, and running a ministry while steering TNT.  Dan Whit, our Sales Manager and IT Sales Executive is an active minister, leading a church and several mission trips a year.  And Senior Engineer Vitaliy Greben also travels to the Ukraine several times a year to help churches there.  The bottom line is, TNT understands the need to have a life outside work.  TNT is built for that.

Community culture

Despite how spread out employees are, Jeff has worked hard to foster a culture of community and connectivity. Along with quarterly staff meetings, TNT hosts picnics and Christmas parties to foster fellowship among employees.

Continuing education

TNT believes strongly in the need for continuing education. As such, professional growth is expected, encouraged and provided with resources from our world-class technology partners like Microsoft, Cisco and HPE.


To fit into this culture, TNT is looking for a self-motivated, driven IT Sales Executive.  The ideal candidate will have sales experience and a technical background.  The job itself includes 4 focus areas.

  1. Prospecting and Securing New Customers
  2. Maintaining Current Customer Base
  3. Establishing and Maintaining Professional Habits
  4. Administrative tasks

If you are interested, please fill out this survey, and we will be in touch.

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TNT Hires New Project Manager For Project, Managed IT Services

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The Network Team is excited to announce the hiring of a new Project Manager. Mike Wilson joined The Network Team in August 2015.
In his role as Project Manager, he will ensure TNT’s resources are managed efficiently, and that projects and managed IT services are managed strategically. He has a Comptia Network+ certification as well as a Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching. He is currently pursuing a CCNA- Security certification, and hopes to attain a CCNP in Routing and Switching as well.
“Mike has a passionate desire to continue learning, and sever those around him with his technological and organizational expertise. His engaging personality and professionalism will be a great benefit to TNT clients and prospects. We are thrilled to have him join the team to help with our managed IT projects,” said TNT president Jeff Gaura.
Like many employees at TNT, Mike comes from a diverse career background. He has worked as a teacher, as well as a manager for Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt. Mike taught for 7 years at a school for abused and neglected children in Virginia. While working at the school, he was in charge of managing the computer systems and network.
Along with his pursuit of certifications, Mike is working on attaining a Master’s degree in Information Technology.
Mike and his wife Kristy have 6 children with whom he loves to play sports, ride bikes and explore.
You can reach out to Mike by emailing

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