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More Options added to TNT’s Managed Services

Posted on: May 15th, 2015 by webadmin No Comments

In the distant past, hiring a cleaning person included hearing the phrase, “sorry, but I don’t do windows.”

We do. And, we now have expanded on our managed services offerings.

The Network Team is a flexible company with strong, flexible offerings. Our current expansion means we now have a more robust set of services to help you keep your business running as efficiently and securely as possible.

We can now offer:

  • Cloud based infrastructure
  • Security
  • Helpdesk (both on and off shore)
  • Hosted Voice
  • Office 365

We don’t do everything. You should run from anyone who says that they can do everything. That said, we can help you not do everything, either. Hand your IT hassles over to us. Learn more about our Managed Services, and then give us a try!

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iOS Apps Still Vulnerable to Security Flaw

Posted on: May 7th, 2015 by webadmin No Comments

Weeks after news broke of a security flaw that could expose iPhone and iPad users to hacking, many apps are still vulnerable.

SourceDNA reported in April about the bug in networking software used by hundreds of apps.  AFNetworking is open-source code, and the bug interferes with HTTPS, allowing hackers to bypass the SSL security certificate.

What that means for you is that a hacker can see the credentials and banking data from exposed apps.

Many developers have already fixed the codes.  But just this week, several TNT employees checked to see if the apps on their phones were vulnerable.  Most weren’t, but several, including Pinterest still registered as vulnerable according to SourceDNA’s search tool.

The best way to protect your information is to refrain from using any affected apps until they are updated with secure software.  You should also change the passwords for any vulnerable apps.

While iOS has the reputation for being a super secure system, hackers are relentless.  Here’s a great resource listing some of the best security apps for iPhone and iPad.

Two that stand out are Google Authenticator and Norton Identity Safe.

Google Authenticator uses 2-step verification, requiring you to enter your password and a verification code. 2-Step authentication is a growing in popularity because of the security it provides.

Norton Identity Safe protects the passwords on your Apple device. It also syncs them across iOS devices.

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