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TNT Public Sector Success Stories

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Public Sector entities face unique budgetary and security challenges.  The Network Team has deep expertise working with the Public Sector, especially public schools, and public libraries, and community colleges.

TNT specializes in several IT solutions that can greatly benefit Public Sector Entities across North Carolina.

NC-Based Support

  • Our staff are NC local and 100% are trained and certified in products from the industry’s top vendors.
  • All our staff are TNT employees, not contractors who will ‘get to your issue when they get to it.”
  • US-based help-desk technicians

One-Stop Shopping for all Your Hardware, Software, and On-Going Service needs

  • We are a Premier partner with Cisco for networking, voice, security and wireless.
  • We are an Enterprise Partner with HP for servers, storage and networking.
  • We are a Gold Communications Partner with Microsoft.
  • We can handle the design, installation and maintenance of many of your projects.

High Service Levels

  • TNT can provide 24x7x365 monitoring of your department’s critical equipment, to keep your IT staff working on other, more important tasks that will increase the value of the service you offer to the community.
  • HUB Certified: The Network Team is certified as a Historically Underutilized Business, both female and minority owned.

Here’s a look at just a few of our success stories:

Graham Co Jail

Inmate management continues to evolve, and remote access to surveillance equipment, even from personal cell phones, facilitates greater security and a safer community.  Graham County concluded that the incremental cost of a few additional cameras and management software would allow them greater flexibility in watching events of significance, as well as offered a better method for recording than the current system.

Robeson County Sheriff’s Department

Robeson is NC’s largest county.  The cost of support was large, as technicians may spend half a day travelling to one side of the county and back, just to work on a device.  By virtualizing the desktop experience, all endpoint devices are disposable, and a new one can be placed into service in a matter of minutes without intervention from the IT department. Down-time is at all-time low, as are costs.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is the 9th largest library system in America with 20 locations.  The Network Team designed, installed and maintains both their data and voice networks, providing on-going support.  TNT also helps with security policy.



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When a Paw Patrol Cake Looks Like Managed IT Services

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I recently planned a 4th birthday party for my niece.  My tasks included booking a venue, planning and ordering the meal, planning decorations, sending  out invites, and of course, making sure there is cake.  What’s a party without cake?

With that large to do list, I had two options for the cake:

  1. I could look up a cake recipe (and scour through the seemingly endless list of options on Google.) Then make a grocery list, drive to the grocery store, pick up all the ingredients, bake the cake, decorate it myself (Mind you the last time I decorated a cake, I ripped half the top layer off. The time before that, I may have added salt to the frosting instead of sugar. But, hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?).
  2. Or, I could call a professional bakery, and choose perfect Paw Patrol cake (so the dogs look like actual dogs instead of grey blobs of frosting) with a chocolate layer for Aunt Myrtle, and a vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free layer for cousin Skye.

I chose option 2.

That is like choosing Managed IT Services over Traditional IT Services.

The Network Team has 7 Managed Services Offerings (With more to come!), including Managed Desktops, Managed Backup, and Managed Network Monitoring.

Much like me planning my niece’s party, your IT Department has a long list of tasks and responsibilities. Managed Services allows TNT to take on the task of maintaining your network so your IT Department can focus on business imperatives.

Managed Services offers fixed-price IT.  TNT’s solution is a managed IT service free of gotchas.  We use a test implementation methodology to deliver predictable IT services, at a fixed cost both per user per month, and per device per month.

Learn more about our Managed Services here, and then get started letting us help you provide a road map to the best way to manage your IT.

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TNT Can bring the Hands-On Office 365 Experience to your Office

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The Network Team is excited to begin bringing the full productivity power of Microsoft to our clients’ office!

The Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) brings you the full, hands-on experience of Office 365 on more than $20,000 worth of state of the art devices and equipment.   It is a true-to-life, user-driven experience facilitated by a trained presenter to give you a look at a day in the life of a Microsoft-powered office.

The best part, TNT can bring the demo into your office, absolutely free.

The Network Team is one of only a few Microsoft –approved partners in the Carolinas with access to these kits that allow you to discover the right set of products and solutions for your business.

Here’s how the Mobile MEC works:

  1. Work with TNT to find a date
  2. TNT brings the devices to your office
  3. Gather 3-10 colleagues
  4. Get a personalized, hands-on demonstration of the full Office 365 experience.

Get a head start:

Office 365 helps you connect from anywhere on any device to effectively manage personal and work-related calendars, as well as get a head start on managing your email, and viewing your work documents stored on SharePoint from any device.

Manage your mail

Experience how to best triage email, and work more efficiently with out of the box Office apps and extensions. For example, did you know with just a click you can get out of those pesky “Reply All” emails that have nothing to do with you?

Rally your team

Gather information and bring people together through a variety of new social features.   You’ll get to see how Enterprise Social helps facilitate collaboration and communication among team members with discussion boards, enterprise newsfeeds, and the ability to follow people & documents.  Participants will also learn how easy it is to go from IM to phone call to multi-member video conference with just a few clicks in Lync.

Gain key insights

Office 365 has powerful Business Intelligence tools that allow you to quickly analyze rich data sets to identify trends and performance.  During the demo, you will see how easy it is to collect and view data so you can evaluate information to make critical business decisions.

Work from anywhere

With Microsoft Office 365, you can create and share content across boundaries and devices.  In the demo you will become familiar with a “Roaming Office” that lets you remember settings across devices.

It takes at least 3 weeks to schedule a session, so contact The Network Team today to get started!

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