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TNT is Thankful For…

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Reflecting on the past year, there have been a lot of changes at The Network Team.  But one thing has remained consistent; our gratefulness for the work we do, the lives we get to touch, and the rich blessings from God.

The ‘Team’ at TNT considers it a privilege to work for a company with Christian values.  Our unity and support of one another is apparent – even to new employees like Jake Davis.

“I am thankful to have a new job with The Network Team and excited about working with a group of believers helping each other to live a life for Christ,” said Davis.

This culture of faith is spearheaded by TNT president Jeff Gaura.  “I am grateful that I include my faith in my work; not just with words, but with actions. We are privileged to get to do that,” according to Gaura.

Sales Assistant Barb Kelly has worked with Jeff for 10 years.  “I am thankful for knowing Jeff.  If it wasn’t for him, I would not have reached the level I am at now with our Lord and Savior, and for that, I thank Jeff.”

Sales Manager Dan Whitt is grateful for

“God’s rich blessings in every area – family, health, provision and a good job and company to work with.”  He also appreciates “the opportunity to go on foreign mission trips and watch God do amazing signs and wonders.”

Echoing that, Account Executive Catherine Baucom is thankful for “freedom in Christ that he provided for us out of love.”

Account Executive Rex Benfield says, "I am thankful for another great year with all of my family, friends and co-workers.  But mostly I am thankful for a loving and understanding God."

Yan, one of the Account Executives is grateful for "God being patient with me not matter how slow or stubborn I am."

TNT Engineer Joe Craig says he is thankful for the “caring coworkers and new challenges and skills” that come with working for The Network Team.

Those challenges are more than the difficulties of solving complex IT problems.  TNT’s engineers know their commitment to customers often means long hours, 7-day-work-weeks.  Senior Engineer Gene Choquette knows all too well how special it is to have a family who understands that.

“I am thankful for my amazing family that supports me and understands when I work 7 days week and late into the night, and that they are understanding that work does not stop because of holiday or vacation.”

Speaking of family, Joe Craig is thankful this year for the new addition coming to his this winter.  His wife is pregnant with their first child.

While the work can be challenging, there is excitement in what we do for TNT employees.  Catherine says she is “thankful to be part of the advancing technology that continues to change the way we work, and our world, for the better.”

TNT as a whole is grateful for the leading edge companies we partner with.  Marketing Director Jessica Diehl, while grateful for all the help and support she gets from them, is especially pleased to have received a Microsoft Abbreviation Dictionary this year. (Seriously, that company goes through acronyms faster than the US Military!)

Gene is thankful for Citrix who finally released 2 versions of the same product without changing its name.

Yan is grateful for HP...especially how well they fed him during training in Houston this year.

And of course, this post would not be complete without thanking our clients.  The trust you give us to care for and improve your crucial business networks is humbling.  We take our responsibility to you and your businesses very seriously, and consider it a privilege to work with each one of you.

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The impact of downtime and how managed services can help

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According to 60 Second Communications, the average US company experiences 501 hours of downtime per year.

  • Each outage lasts 200 minutes, on average.
  • Downtime costs an average of $5600/minute in revenue loss and repairs.
  • The average company loses 3.6% of annual revenue due to downtime.

About half of companies who switched to managed services reduced total IT costs by up to 25%.  33% reduced their IT costs by 25-50%, and 13% of those companies who switched cut IT costs by more than 50%.

Managed Services cuts downtime by an average of 50%...that puts 1.8% of your company’s annual revenue back!  The Network Team's Managed Services offerings include Cloud Backup, Microsoft Office 365, Managed Desktop and more.

When things go awry, there is someone else present 24/7 to resolve the issue.

Talk to us.  Our team will show initiative and offer you a comprehensive plan, after they get to know you a bit.  We can then support your business, not just your IT need.


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