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Better, Faster Generation – with Microsoft Office 365

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We are a generation that requires the latest and greatest technology. A generation where the technology must be fast and reliable. When a device or website takes more than a few seconds to load, we start to panic. It’s not a questions of “Can I get faster speeds?” It’s a statement of “I must have faster speeds.”

We demand for a mobile platform that will be able to have our world at our finger tips, no matter what device we use. More than ever, our world is seeking high quality, proven productivity, reliable and affordable way to stay connected and got our jobs done. We want the best of both worlds; purchase the newest BMW for a Toyota price.

How can this be done?

What platform will allow the best of both worlds?

How can a small business, with large business communication needs, have the same access to rich software, scalability, choice and flexibility?

This is where Microsoft Office 365 can help.

What is Microsoft Office 365? Microsoft Office 365 takes the Office suite and all of the servers that go along with it into the Cloud with a world class productivity service. It gives options and services to the customer that no other vendor can offer.

Microsoft is the worldwide leader of business productivity services. Microsoft Office 365 brings together Cloud versions of the most trusted communications and collaboration products with the latest versions of the desktop suite for small and medium sized businesses. Microsoft Online Services gives SMB’s an easy way to grow rapidly without managing an expensive, cumbersome IT infrastructure.

The need to look professional, work from anywhere and collaborate quickly and effectively for SMB’s is huge. The need can make or break a business. Microsoft Office 365 is the answer.

For SMB’s looking for e-mail, Microsoft Office has it covered with their availability to work from any smart phone or tablet, along with a promised 25 GB mailbox that allows 25 MB attachments and shared calendars.

For security and reliability, you can have peace of mind with powerful Microsoft Office security features:

  • Anti-viral, anti-spam protection that protect your data
  • Password protected team sites
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

At the end of the day, when a your employees can have access from anywhere, share and collaborate on documents, join online meetings and have the luxury to present from anywhere, use office web applications for light document editing, it provides a world of freedom to succeed and grow business. Microsoft Office 365 is the answer to this generation’s needs.  Our Engineers can help you build a roadmap to success with Microsoft Office 365. Call 980-263-2850 to get started.


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Business Drivers for Managed Services

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According to the Stanford Business Graduate School, the top business drivers for Managed Services are:

  1. To Improve Customer Experience
  2. To Improve Business Efficiency
  3. To Reduce IT Costs

Here at The Network Team, we are improving our current Managed Services Offers, and developing new offers aimed at fulfilling those business needs.

Improve Customer Experience:

When your IT department is busy putting out fires, or supporting routine daily issues, they are unable to focus fully on your customers.  Allow The Network Team to manage those day-to-day tasks, so you can focus on finding new customers, and better supporting those you have.

Improve Business Efficiency:

TNT teams up with leading edge technology partners like Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix and HP.  These partnerships allow us to stay ahead of the curve, allowing you to take advantage of new technologies.  Studies have shown you can increase business efficiency by up to 60% by adding Managed Services.  One huge advantage is that Managed Services allow your business to be more flexible, and react to business and technology changes more quickly.

Reduce IT Costs:

The Network Team’s Managed IT services can supplement your IT department, or we can BE your IT Department.  Managed Services gives you the opportunity to pay only for those services you subscribe to.  With The Network Team focusing on your day-to-day IT needs, you can focus time and money supporting your business goals.

Our Managed Services currently include:


Call The Network Team today at 980-263-2850 to find out more about our Managed Services.

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TNT Reaches Silver Networking Specialist with HP

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The Network Team is proud to announce it has reached Silver Networking Specialist Designation with HP. This is part of the HP PartnerOne Program. The PartnerOne Program gives TNT additional resources to support our customers. It also gives us access to exclusive training opportunities to keep us on the cutting edge of technology. Our engineers can take that training, and offer our customers specializations you will not find in our competitors.
According to HP, “Specialist partners, like [TNT] are strategic to HP, as you provide the skills and expertise that add value to HP products and solutions.”

Our certification gives us access to demo equipment, accelerators, and promotions to help us offer our customers the best technology solutions at the best prices.

TNT has chosen to partner with HP because it has the greatest breadth of feature-rich hardware solutions. TNT has full support from HP to offer you best-of-breed solutions to keep up with today’s rapidly changing IT world.

The Network Team engineers have deep experience with HP products and can be your trusted advisor for hardware solutions.

Contact The Network Team to find out how we can bring this additional expertise to you. Call 980-263-2850 today to get a free 2 hour network assessment.

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