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TNT Engineers Join Microsoft Reseller Program

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TNT is pleased to announce that engineer Vitaliy Greben is a part of Partner Seller program at Microsoft.  He is highly certified and experienced in demonstrating and deploying key Microsoft technologies to corporate and enterprise accounts.

Vitaliy focuses on integrating Microsoft Skype for Business with Cisco Unified Communications platforms, allowing customers to have a full experience with both products.  He has qualified as a Microsoft Certified System Engineer.

Microsoft sales staff can assign to V the task of meeting new customers to help customers sort out whether or not they have a need for Microsoft Skype for Business or Microsoft Systems Center and then help them perform proof of concepts, pilot projects and full deployments.

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BYOD Tripling Workforces: Are You Prepared to Manage It?

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Imagine a dress code at a fancy restaurant that reads like this:

“We expect our guests to dress up in fine clothes and behave like they are wearing fine clothes.”

There is no reference to what “fine clothes” means, nor is there any reference to what constitutes the behavior that is expected.

Welcome to the world of BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. Companies tell their employees to make the best use of time and resources given to them, but they don’t really tell them how to do that when they are using their own devices.

Gartner listed Mobile Device Diversity and Management as one of the top 2014 trends. Look at what they say:

“Through 2018, the growing variety of devices, computing styles, user contexts and interaction paradigms will make "everything everywhere" strategies unachievable. The unexpected consequence of bring your own device (BYOD) programs is a doubling or even tripling of the size of the mobile workforce. This is placing tremendous strain on IT and Finance organizations. Enterprise policies on employee-owned hardware usage need to be thoroughly reviewed and, where necessary, updated and extended. Most companies only have policies for employees accessing their networks through devices that the enterprise owns and manages. Set policies to define clear expectations around what they can and can't do. Balance flexibility with confidentiality and privacy requirements…”

Ask an IT department how they will handle learning that the number of devices will triple, and nearly none of them will respond with “we better triple our staff right away!” Indeed, it is never presented like that. The number of employees is constant, so management hears no justifiable reason to add to the size of IT.

Come talk to us about how to address this. We get it. We can help. Call The Network Team at 980-263-2850.

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