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Who’s Going to Win the Phone Wars?

Posted on: October 7th, 2013 by webadmin No Comments

Go back in time.  VHS beat out Betamax, even though VHS was neither better nor cheaper.  So, the logic that most pundits use to answer this may not apply.

My take on the phone wars is simple.  Google wins.  TNT sells Microsoft and services Apple products, so the default would be to conclude that one of those will win.

Windows phones run on many kinds of hardware….but you have to pay for (indirectly) the software that runs the phone.  Windows Phone isn’t free.

Apple software is free, but it only runs on Apple proprietary hardware.  Apple makes great money on the hardware.

Google phones use anyone’s hardware and the operating system is free.

Google recently toppled Apple as the most popular phones.

Wonder why...

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