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Cisco Vs. Microsoft Unified Communications, There are no Losers Here

Posted on: June 11th, 2013 by webadmin No Comments

TNT engineering has taken the time to learn and deploy both Microsoft Lync and Cisco UC in our environment.  We want to bring it out of the box and show it to you.  We are having an event both in Charlotte and in Raleigh to drive some interest in Unified Communications.  There are certainly strengths and weaknesses associated with each product, and we want to objectively show them to you and let you touch and feel the products, on your own.

We know that no one else will do this.  They will either present one side of the Unified Communications story or the other.
We use both.  We like both.  We dislike both.  We know the needs of each business is different.  Come see why and make an informed decision about what path makes more sense for you.

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