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Warning and Prevention Best Weapons Against Cyber Criminals and Data Breaches

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Chertoff spoke about the threat in a article that noted “half of the country’s so-called ‘high-priority facilities’ like those that manage the country’s electrical grids reported having been attacked.”

As with almost any kind of threat, a warning or alarm system can help prevent an attack.  Ask anyone without a home security system who was the victim of a burglary.  Invariably, the homeowner calls a security company soon after the break-in to install a monitoring system. The homeowner works with the security company to ensure understanding of the new system.  And he or she almost always says, “Things might have been a LOT different if I had a system in place before the break-in.”

Cyber-attacks and data breaches have much in common with home break-ins.  There is a big difference, though. Hackers have become so experienced, we do not even know that they are breaking in and stealing our stuff.  Look at UNC Charlotte. They lost sensitive data, but did not realize it for 10 years.  Small to medium-sized business are the ones being attacked, too; and at extremely high costs.

Small Businesses Sitting Ducks for Hackers
The Worst Data Breach Incidents of 2012

The criminals are not using guns to hold you hostage. They are getting at your zeros and ones and making it out of the building, with no one ever knowing they were there in the first place.

So my question to you is this. How do you know what you have is working? Can you read your devices output? Do you know how to check it/test it?

If not, Alert Logic’s managed security suite may be for you. Give us a call to talk about it and schedule a demo, via the web, at your convenience.

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